Your artschool in virtual reality

Coming soon: workshops & lectures in VR, from your own home, office or school. Do you want to learn to draw, paint and design in a VR environment? Our teachers will guide you every step of the way. Choose your group classes or individual workshops.

Stop (over)thinking, start teaching

Are you an experienced artist, or art teacher? Would you like to give a lecture about your work, or teach your own techniques?

Contact us! Fill in the registration form and tell us more about your ideas. Don't hesitate in case you do not have any teaching experience. We love skills and enthousiasm. We will contact you soon.

Stop talking, start creating

Learning in Virtual Reality will open a whole new world for you. All those possibilities can be intimidating too though. No worries, it's all about having fun creating. Whether it is an informal jam session, or a more specific workshop, we will guide you every step and enjoy the process with you.

As the school is in development, we will publish no full programm shortly. We do post our events on Facebook and Instagram! So please follow and support us there. To be continued ;-).

About our school

The Infini School of Visual Arts is situated in Artopia, the Artist District in the Infiniverse, a virtual reality social platform of Would you like a tour? Install the Multiverse app and contact us for an art tour!

Join us in our journey to connect creatives worldwide